arthur fields
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Pile Driver series
I explore the ways in which humans mediate and construct environments. My landscapes depict contemporary urban environments and focus on the utilitarian space. I systematically approach old housing tracts, thoroughfares, and parking lots and document their use. These spaces tend to be temporary containers or repositories of piles of waste or unwanted materials.

A pile is an accumulation of matter: a heap of wanted or unwanted material that we push aside or move out of the way until we make a decision of it’s use. The series of typologies by Bernhard and Hilla Becher, is a theme of variations within limits determined by function. It was a theme made apparent by the Becher’s grouping of similar views of different structures built to serve the same purpose. My images can be looked at similarly. This group or “typology” of images takes on the structure of the pile, in that they are numerous individual images collected in a small space or landscape of the collection.

Instead of ignoring these piles, I face the piles head-on and present them as urban relics. These piles are "unconscious sculptures" that are created out of the guise of organization but used to fulfill the need of procrastination or control. In this series, I take on the dual role of observer and curator, presenting the object as both sculptural object and document.