arthur fields
Dallas Driver 14Dallas Driver 05Dallas Driver 10Dallas Driver 17Denton Driver 01Dallas Driver 18Dallas Driver 15Dallas Driver 09Dallas Driver 04Dallas Driver 06Drive Grid 01Drive Grid 02Drive Grid 03final printsinstallation view
Drive series
This project encompasses a series of black and white portraits that capture people in the common act of driving an automobile. The series captures the driver after they have driven around for an extended period of time and are ambivalent about or have forgotten that their passenger is wielding a camera. These small moments of concentration on the singular task of driving are captured moments of reflection and meditation. Capturing these unguarded moments and grouping them together in a collection elevates these moments from the mundane to the extraordinary. Reminiscent of mug shots, these images register anonymity as much as identity.

It is intended that the viewer connect with each driver by gazing into the driver’s eye, be it clearly visible or partially obscured by glasses, and ask questions. In looking at the large single images, the clarity of the facial features and eyes invites the viewer to reflect upon both his own and the drivers’ subconscious view of self. When considering the images in the grids, the viewer is subtly invited to reflect upon their own driving experiences. My intention is to use these small captured moments to open a dialog between the viewer and the subject that questions our place in the world.

This is an ongoing project.